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L and DO Free Hold Conversion

L and DO Free Hold ConversionDelhi Development Authority (DDA) Freehold Conversion is a legitimate strategy for moving the responsibility for undaunted property from legislative power to a person.

  • A Conveyance Deed is given as the last report to the new proprietor of the property.
  • For the change of an unflinching property from leasehold to freehold, one has to apply to the concerned expert in the endorsed design.
  • Freehold is a way to transfer the ownership of the property from the Government Authority to a private person. It enhances the value of the property.
  • A Conveyance Deed is given as a final document to the owner which is the registry of property in common parlance.

The land and Development Office’s (L&DO) control are eligible for freehold conversion

  • All the residential plots allotted or leased by the Rehabilitation department or L&DO for residential purposes or who have obtained the completion certificate or D-Form from local bodies.
  • All type ‘C’ tenements are allotted for lease by the Department of Rehabilitation or L&DO.
  • All type ‘A’ tenements are allotted by the Department of Rehabilitation or L&DO for lease.
  • All types of industrial plots are allotted by the Department of Rehabilitation or L&DO on a leasehold basis, or upon a building which has received a construction and completion certificate or D-Form from a local governmental authority.
  • All types of commercial and mixed land use properties whose ownership rights have been registered and which have been allotted by the Department of Rehabilitation, or L&DO, or the Directorate of Estate

The amounts payable for getting the conversion from lease hold to free fold

  • Conversion fee. (Remission @ 40% of the prescribed fee is admissible to the recorded lessees)
  • Arrears of Ground Rent, including Revised Ground Rent, if any.
  • Misuses charges/ damages charges, if any recoverable.
  • Balance of cost of land/premium, if any
  • Arrears of any other dues earlier levied by the lessor and not paid by the lessee.
  • A surcharge of 33.1/3% of the conversion fee, if the applicant is a GPA holder and conversion is to be granted in favour of a third person.
  • Processing fee of Rs.500/-.

Grant Conversion and Issue conveyance deed: The grant of conversion will be communicated within three to four months from the date the application is complete in all respects and is submitted along with complete payments.

Documents will be issued to the grant of conversion: A conveyance deed will be issued by the L&DO, Nirman Bhawan once the property has been converted into freehold. The conveyance deed will then have to stamp and registered in the registrar’s office within four months.

Who can apply for the conversion?

  • Any person whose name has been registered as a lessee on the records of L&DO can apply for the conversion of property.
  • If a property has more than one lessee, then the signature of all of them is required on the application for conversion.
  • A lessee(s) can also furnish Power of Attorney for signing the application on his/her behalf.
  • If the lessee has given the General Power of Attorney (GPA) to another person for the execution of the Sale Deed, then the GPA holder can also apply for the conversion.
  • An application for conversion also requires in whose name the conversion should be granted. If there is a series of GPAs then the attested copies of all those GPAs are required to be furnished for establishing the link with the lessee on the record.

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