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NRI Mutual Divorce

It is when you and your spouse have finally decided to dissolve the marriage mutually.

NRI Contested Divorce

If you are living abroad then more complexities arise and only a specialized law firm can assist you well.

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Expert in NRI Divorce

We have an experienced team of professional and NRI Expert lawyer team and we are well aware of all the aspects of Indian as well as foreign laws related to marriage

Now it is common that marriage was solemnized in India and then one or both parties moved abroad. Any family dispute in such a marriage can lead to complexities as the laws of two countries are concurrently involved

We are completely transparent in terms of the fees that we charge. We mention the exact fee structure on our website or share details via email/WhatsApp. We do not charge a single penny apart from what we mention on our website or agree to complete the divorce process.


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Best NRI Law Firm

Legal Light Consulting has a good reputation when it comes to NRI Divorce. We have a team of best NRI Divorce Lawyers, with years of experience and expertise in NRI Divorce cases.

  • To the point consultation keeping in mind foriegn as well as Indian laws
  • File cases in Indian courts without coming to India
  • Confidentiality guaranteed
  • Review your case files over email
  • Best Lawyers for NRI Legal Family matters
  • Get answers here that you can’t find on Internet
  • File for Mutual Divorce Online without court visits
  • Book an appointment with NRI Divorce Lawyers online
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