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Divorce services by legal light consulting in Delhi

Divorce services by legal light consulting in Delhi: DIVORCE SERVICES 

RESTITUTION OF CONJUGAL RIGHTS: Restitution of conjugal rights is a remedy available to spouses that can be ordered by the Courts. Spouses can seek orders made by the Court, in situations where a spouse has left the company of the other spouse, for the restitution of conjugal rights.

If the spouse filing the application to the Court is successful, the Court will then direct the other spouse to rejoin the company of their spouse.

498A ALLIED CRIMINAL CODE PROCEEDINGS: Matrimonial proceedings are currently not confined to the civil and family law jurisdiction.

In many cases, where cruelty or harm is caused to a wife by a husband or relative in relation to dowry demands, under section 498A if the Indian Penal code a criminal case is filed against the people who caused the cruelty or harm.


A party can seek annulment of his or her marriage by lodging a petition. There are a number of circumstances under which such a petition can be lodged, in which we have expertise.

Once the petitioning party is successful in proving his or her case, the marriage will be declared null and void.

The practical effect of such a declaration is that the Court finds the marriage has not taken place at all, but the parties are not labelled as “divorcees”.

MEDIATION & COUNSELLING: It is well known that matrimonial disputes have a large effect on the emotions, mental health, egos and feelings of the parties involved. Human nature is unfortunately difficult to predict.

Accordingly, it can be difficult to see that, on occasions, we may not necessarily be correct or right in our views or actions and, equally, that others may be right,

DIVORCE MAINTENANCE: Maintenance is an important part of all matrimonial proceedings.

An application for maintenance is filed by a spouse who does not have the means in which to support themselves and, thus, requires maintenance.

Maintenance is divided into two parts, specifically: 1) Interim Maintenance and 2) Permanent Maintenance.

MUTUAL CONSENT DIVORCE: Mutual Consent Divorce came into force by an act of the Parliament of India amending the Hindu Marriage Act in 1976.

Since coming into force, Mutual Consent Divorce has brought reassurance to many Indian citizens.

Our firm understands this and, when we consider it appropriate in the circumstances, we will suggest this as a way forward to clients in order to avoid long, costly and drawn-out litigation.

CHILD CUSTODY: By far the most complex, difficult, challenging and important issue during divorce proceedings is that of child custody.

It is often the case that children of any age are exposed to pain and suffering that is no fault of theirs. In almost all cases, both parents want to retain custody of their child or children.

In the Indian system, the custody of children is decided by the Court of Guardians and Wards. The Court holds the welfare of children as the most important issue to be decided in proceedings where custody is being sought by both parties.

GET HELP FROM EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONAL LAWYERS: Divorce can take an emotional toll on everyone involved; it’s not limited to just the married couple.

A Divorce can affect children, immediate family members, work, and someone’s mindset for the years that follow.

It can completely destroy lives and tear families apart; It’s during this challenging time that a divorce attorney in Delhi can help you through your predicament and listen to your concerns.

PROFESSIONAL ADVICE & CONFIDENTIAL SERVICE: We recognize that getting a divorce is one of the most painful experiences that people can go through.

It’s because of this, that we can empathize and relate to you and what you are going through. You need a team of legal professionals who believe in you and your future.

We want to help you make your divorce proceedings as pain-free as possible for you, your children, your marital assets, and the toll it takes on your life.

Our legal prowess and knowledge of Indian divorce law have shaped us into a formidable force that fights to get you what you deserve, regardless of how aggressive the other side may be.

ABOUT LEGAL LIGHT CONSULTING: We are a full-service and Independent Commercial Law Firm.

We practice law up to every level, under any area of law, before any Forum, Cell, Commission, Tribunal & Court including Supreme Court, High Courts across the Country, District Courts, Session Courts, Tribunals, Commissions, forums and Arbitrators.

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We are also taking up criminal cases like Bail, Criminal trail in different sections of IPC, 125 Cr.Pc maintenance cases and Criminal Appeal, Criminal Revision, Appeal in the High court of Delhi and also filing SLP in the Supreme court of India.

We are also taking up cases in service matters in Central Administrative Tribunal, filing Writ Petition in the High Court of Delhi in Criminal, civil and Service matters.

We are also taking up the cases of the Consumer Protection Act in CDRF, State Commission and The National Commission (NCDRC)

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