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Civil Law

We are committed to excellence in the quality of our services and to understanding the specific exigencies of the

Civil Court Lawyer in Delhi

Civil Lawyers in Delhi

Our clients are our greatest assets and work hard to meet their expectations. We believe that a strong relationship

Business Law

Legal Light Consulting new era law firm dedicated to provide best solutions to its clients. To us, practice of

Banking Lawyer in Delhi

Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation Lawyer in Delhi : The civil law cases are dealt properly to offer accurate , authentic suggestion

Civil Court Lawyer in Delhi

Immigration Lawyer

Immigration Lawyer in Delhi : Legal Light Consulting law firm and prominent name in the field of Immigration Law

Immigration Lawyer in Delhi

Insolvency and Bankruptcy Practice

Insolvency and Bankruptcy Practice : We advise lenders and investors at all levels of the capital structure as well

Banking Lawyer in Delhi

NCLT Lawyer

NCLT Lawyer : Legal Light Consulting Law Firm located in South Delhi and advising, drafting and contesting the legal

Corporate lawyer

Consumer Law

Consumer Lawyer in Delhi : In order to promote and protect the rights and interests of consumers, quasi judicial

Consumer Court Lawyer in Delhi

Arbitration Mediation & Litigation

Arbitration Mediation & Litigation : Legal Light Consulting successfully represented its multi-national and domestic clients in several domestic and

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