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Is Legal Light Consulting top Family Lawyers for Matrimonial Reliefs in Delhi NCR?

Is Legal Light Consulting a top Family Lawyer for Matrimonial Reliefs in Delhi NCR?: Family Lawyers for Matrimonial Reliefs in Delhi NCR, Experienced and dedicated Divorce Lawyers for all family matters?

With a team of India’s most experienced divorce lawyers by our side, we offer the best legal assistance for all family matters. We are Result-oriented, Effective and Affordable

  • Contested Divorce
  • Maintenance
  • Domestic Violence
  • 498A & Allied Criminal Proceedings
  • Child Custody
  • FIR Quashing
  • Restitution Of Conjugal Rights
  • Annulment Of Marriage
  • Transfer Petition In Supreme Court
  • NRI Divorce
  • Counseling & Mediation
  • Muslim Divorce

Divorce and Finance

A fair financial settlement is possible only when the divorcing spouses are open and transparent with one another. Disclosing all the financial records, assets and documents could enable a smooth settlement.

Our divorce specialists along with financial planners assess your situation, estimate financial needs and plan the settlement amount to effectively save from taxes.

We make you aware of potential tax consequences and advice whether you should take monthly alimony or a lump sum. In some cases, you should keep the house or sell it. We provide sound and practical advice that helps your situation.

Our expert divorce lawyers work along with financial planners to plan and carefully prepare documents, assess financial records and advice on a divorce settlement that protects a comfortable living style.

Professional Help in Divorce Financial Settlements

We advise our Clients to collect as many documents as possible such as a copy of all tax returns, loan applications, credit card and other financial statements, loan documents, vehicle registration papers, insurance policies and bank account information.

Also, documents that can trace and verify property ownership, such as an inheritance or family gifts. If the divorcing couple holds joint bank accounts, or debts together, it is advisable to get a full credit report to ascertain the debt positions well in advance.

Benefit from our expert advice on financial and other property documentation services that enables you to reach a fair financial agreement. Take photos of valuables and household items such as jewellery, appliances, and other valuable assets. The key to an effective financial settlement is to document everything.

Legal Light Consulting is a dedicated law firm with a team of the best divorce lawyers in India, highly skilled and experienced in family matters like Mutual Divorce, NRI Divorce, Child Custody etc.

With 100% success in Mutual Divorce cases, we are the first law firm in India which made ‘Applying for Divorce Online’ possible.

We expedite your divorce process with minimum paperwork, court-hearings and deliver the divorce decree to you.
Hire Delhi NCR* top divorce lawyers to represent your case in the Family court.

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