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How Legal Light consulting team work for Divorce Settlement case?

How the Legal Light consulting team work for Divorce Settlement case: The divorce settlement is the most painful part of a divorce procedure as spouses are bound to have many concerns and issues in agreeing to the financial settlements in the context of the Divorce process.

We counsel the divorcing client to try to take the emotion out of the divorce process and focus on making an arrangement that takes care of the future.

Thus, a divorce settlement is an understanding between the spouses as to how the financial or business proceedings will be shared.

A draft final legal agreement that documents the terms of the divorce and settlement conditions.

Uncover the best deal in the Divorce Settlement: Our team of expert divorce lawyers helps to uncover the best deal for our clients fulfilling all aspects involved during the divorce settlement process.

Understand various legal options in the family law matters such as child custody and visitation, child maintenance support issues, financial agreement & alimony settlement.

Assists in divorce financial planning, taxation, and accounting to minimize tax liabilities and save money through investments. Consult with an experienced family law advocate and get sound advice on complicated tax matters.

Settlement Through Divorce Mediation: Our experienced family law advocates are trained in mediation and counselling. We meditate for the best settlements for financial obligations, child support, tuition fees, and so on.

Though mediation is entirely voluntary, we advise our Client to participate in the proceeding so that our lawyers can work with the spouses to reach a fair settlement on the issues in the divorce and save money on legal fees and emotional aggravation.

Child custody & support issues

Fight for financial aid for the child’s future and get custody of the child keeping in the best interest of the child.

Alimony Settlement

Calculate a fair amount for Alimony based on living expenses, produce an accurate budget considering all financial obligations and safeguard the right to livelihood and support for the future.

Evaluate and make sure that the proposed divorce settlement is fair, and workable, and covers all factors such as assets, incomes, living expenses, inflation, alimony, child support, taxes, investments, medical expenses and health insurance costs.

Consult with Divorce Lawyer to Avoid Financial Mistakes in Your Divorce Settlement

Our expert divorce lawyers negotiate the terms of the divorce settlement, make us aware of the finances, income, and assets of the other spouse and settle the financial issues in the divorce to our Client’s advantage.

Fair Fees:  Many people fail to hire an attorney because of the potential cost. At we provide the highest quality representation for a reasonable cost in Delhi NCR*.

Client Satisfaction

For achieving client satisfaction, our legal team consumes its physical and intellectual resources to get the most optimum results within the given time duration.

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