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How do I get connected with Delhi’s top Divorce Specialist lawyer?

How do I get connected with Delhi’s top Divorce Specialist lawyer: Legal Light Consulting Delhi’s top Divorce Specialist: Our family lawyers will meticulously study your case to analyze your strengths.

We have the experience needed to ease out this otherwise complex process, and also the passion to aggressively fight it out in court if the case must go to trial.

No matter how complicated your case is, our divorce specialist lawyers make it simple on the back of immense experience and wide knowledge.

You deserve a prosperous future that’s why our divorce lawyers in Delhi high court make the best effort to simplify the procedure whether it is the matter of distribution of marital assets, child visitation & support, or alimony for the spouse.

You will be guaranteed a pain-free divorce.

It can take its toll on your brain if you deal with it on your own at a time when you are emotionally distracted and almost overwhelmed by this life-changing decision. Legal Light Consulting Law Firm in Delhi can support you in this challenging time.

We are aggressive, confident, and unflinching in getting our clients what they truly deserve.

Divorce is never an easy procedure. It carries its emotional, psychological, and financial burdens.

We understand how much you have to cope up with. That’s why from drafting a petition to winning in the court we stand with you.

We realize that you deserve the best and we will work out the best strategy that suits your particular situation.

We are equally acquainted with the rights of the husband as well as the wife, and we know the points where the other party is trying to wrong you. No matter how aggressive the other party is, we do our best to protect your rights.

We will regularly stay in touch with you.

When can I file a divorce petition?

You can file a divorce petition after one year of marriage on the basis of legal grounds mentioned in the Hindu Marriage Act.

In exceptional cases, the court may provide you with the option of annulment of marriage before the completion of one year.

At, We carry valuable information on the divorce laws in India.

We aim at spreading maximum awareness among people on some complicated topics like divorce, annulment of marriage, mutual consent divorce, foreign divorce and child custody matters.

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