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Advocate Rahul Choudhary

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Advocate Rahul Choudhary is a practicing Lawyer & mastering law skills in the field of Criminal & Civil law. Expertise in advising clients on various legal matters concerning business transactions as well as on other litigation issues.

Strong presentation and analytical skills that comes useful in presenting the case in a court of law. Proficiency in handling complex legal cases and making summary points to present before the concerned authorities.

Possess excellent communication, interpersonal, negotiation, and customer servicing skills.

Expert in Services for NRIs to file cases related to property matters, divorce proceedings, landlord-tenant disputes, Writ petitions, Immigration and citizenship issues, Wills, and All other matters pertaining to NRIs & foreign residing individuals.

Possess sound experience in supporting vulnerable clients Excellent analytical skills as well as the ability to stay calm under pressure.


Criminal Law
Family law
Labor & Employment Law
Cheque Bounce
Immigration Law
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