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criminal Lawyers in delhi

Bail Lawyer in Delhi. : Bails is money or frequently, a bail bond that is put up for the suspect to allow him or her to remain free until the completion of the case.

Bail basically creates a financial incentive for a suspect to appear in court — failure to do so results in the loss of your bails money you’ll also get a warrant for your arrest, and you can add bail jumping to your criminal charges, to boot.

When one is accused of criminal offenses like medication trafficking, securities extortion, saving money misrepresentation and different genuine criminal matters the circumstance is exceptionally traumatic and agonizing for the person.

Here the need arises to hire a legal consultant to proceed further.

We at legal light consulting provide best Bail Advocate in Delhi on every criminal matter and can deal with your matter paying little mind to your area.


Regular Bail is granted to a person by the Court after his arrest is made, it is granted to the accused from the custody to ensure his presence in the Court as and when required.

When a person is arrested by the police officer after commencement of any cognizable or non-cognizable offence, such person has a right to be released from custody under section 437 & 439 of Code of Criminal Procedure and for the same purpose the regular bail is applied.


Section 437 and section 439 of Code of Criminal Procedure lays down the Provision of Regular Bail where it is clearly mentioned that when any person accused of, or suspected of the commission of any non-bailable offence is arrested or detained without warrant by an officer in charge of a police station appear before the court other than the High Court or Court of Session he may be released on bail.

Bail shall not be so released if there is reasonable ground for believing that he has been guilty of an offence punishable with death or imprisonment for life.

As per the Provision the person shall not be released on bail if such offence is a cognizable offence and the person has been previously convicted of an offence punishable with death or imprisonment for life, or imprisonment for seven years or more, or if the person had been previously convicted on two or more occasions.

Provided that the mere fact that an accused person may be required for being identified by witness during investigation shall not be sufficient ground for refusing to grant bail if he has otherwise entitled to be released on bail and gives the undertaking that he shall comply with such directions as may be given by the court.

Section 439 of Code of Criminal Procedure states the special power of High Court or Court of Session regarding bail.

It states that any person accused of an offence and in custody be released on bail, and if the offence is of the nature specified in subsection 3 of section 437, may impose any condition which it considers necessary for the purposes mentioned.

Any condition imposed by a magistrate when releasing any person on bail be set aside or modified.

Provided that the High Court or the Court of Session shall before granting bail to a person who is accused of an offence which is terrible exclusively by the Court of Session or which, though not so terrible, is punishable with imprisonment for life, give notice of the application for bail to the Public Prosecutor unless it is, for reasons to be recorded in writing, of opinion that it is not practicable to give such notice.


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  • Best bail lawyer Delhi for all legal services of various types of bails under the criminal laws
  • Best bail lawyer Delhi for all legal services of various types of bails under the criminal laws
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