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Traffic Accidents: The use of motor vehicles for personal or business purposes has increased manifold. And so has the number of accidents on roads due to drunken driving, disobeying traffic rules, speeding and distraction from smartphones while driving.

In the unfortunate incident of you having an accident with a motor vehicle, please approach our lawyers to get adequately compensated for the losses suffered.
Our Motor Accident Lawyer can help you file a petition in the Motor Accidents Claim Tribunal.

Many times the Insurance company refuses to cover the losses and in these cases, you may file a consumer complaint with the help of our lawyers.

Legal Light Consulting helps you to Motor Accident Lawyer in India and file a petition in the Motor Accidents Claim Tribunal.

Motor Accidents Claims Tribunal (MACT) deals with matters related to loss of Life/property and injury Cases resulting from Motor Accidents.

You can file a Case of MACT through us; we will fight for justice and Compensation so that you don’t have to suffer any longer. If you want Compensation then you must choose the best and most experienced lawyer.

MACT Courts are now under the direct Supervision of the Hon’ble High Court of the respective state.

In MACT Cases, if you are a minor applicant below the age of 18, you can file a case through an advocate otherwise you have options to report to MACT by yourself or through an advocate in case of personal injury or property damage.

Top Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Lawyers in Delhi, India : 

Consult and Get Legal Advice from Top Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Lawyers, Attorneys and Legal Advisors in Delhi, India.

There is no compelling reason to confront these brothers on account of insurance agencies or their specialists.

We can help you by providing a top car accident claims advocate in Delhi. We give the master administrations of a protection lawyer to battle your cases.

Whether the protection cover is for people or their benefits, for example, homes or cars, our car accident claims lawyer in Delhi will be on your side and will investigate every possibility to win a legitimate levy from the organization for you.

Our team spend significant time taking cases identified with various protection items.

In this way, if yours is an instance of a car collision, a legal car accident claims advocate in Delhi will assist you in these cases by suggesting the right path for you with their long-term experience.

In the event that you have been harmed as a consequence of any mishap, there is a different damage legal team who can win much more protection cases for you than what these organizations guarantee you.

If you have any pending protection claims against the organizations, call our car accident claims lawyer in Delhi to know how to record a claim and win back additional from the organizations

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