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Mutual Divorce Lawyers

Divorce by Mutual Consent is the simplest and easiest way of dissolving marriage. Both Parties ie Husband and Wife have to reach a Mutual understanding and agreement regarding the terms and conditions of Divorce. A divorce Petition will be drafted which will include terms of settlement agreed between parties.

On the basis of the settlement and agreement, a petition for Mutual Consent is drafted. Under Hindu Marriages, such a Petition is filed under section 13 B of the Hindu Marriage Act. Under Christian Marriages, section 10 A of the Indian Divorce Act. Under secular or civil marriages, section 28 of the Special Marriage Act.


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Conditions to petition for a Mutual Divorce

According to Section 13B of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, the accompanying conditions should be met to petition for a common separation.

Both companions should live separately for one year.
Both spouses feel that they can’t live together.
Both the husband and wife mutually agree that their marriage has collapsed
Both party file jointly for a mutual divorce without any undue influence, bribe or fraud.
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Documents Required

Documents Required for Mutual Consent Divorce

Marriage Cards or Marriage Certificate
Two Joint Marriage Photograph
Two Passport Size photographs of both parties

Adhaar Card and/or any other current address proof of both parties
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Mutual Divorce through Indian courts while living abroad:

We exclusively platform the NRI clients in regard to any dispute related to a family matter. We at Legal Light Consulting are experts in handling NRI cases pertaining to any family dispute. We are well aware of all the aspects of Indian as well as foreign laws related to marriages.  As of now, we take up mutual divorce cases in the cities of Delhi, Gurugram,

If you and your spouse have finally decided to dissolve the marriage mutually and have also decided on the terms of separation, then you both need to file a case for mutual divorce.

Yes, you can complete the process without coming to India through Video Conferencing or through any relative in India.

A Mutual Divorce decree obtained from foreign courts is valid if it complies with the laws of India.

Every effort must be made to file a case for mutual divorce in India because acceptance of such a decree is more than the acceptance of a mutual divorce decree obtained from a foreign court. This acceptance matters when you go for remarriage.

But in the case due to any circumstance, if it is not possible for the parties living abroad to file a case in Indian courts, then You can choose to file a case for mutual divorce in the foreign country where You are currently residing

  • Marriage Card or Marriage Certificate
  • Joint Marriage Photograph
  • Passport Size photographs of both parties
  • Current & Indian address proof of both parties
  • Indian address proof of the relative in whose favor SPoA is to be executed
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  3. Attestation
    Get your case file attested via a local notary or the Indian High Commission
  4. Appear in Court
    Appear in Indian Courts through Video Conferencing or through your SPoA
Legal Light Consulting NRI Mutual Divorce in India

LLC Lawyers for NRI Mutual Divorce

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We consist of expert lawyers who hold vast experience in this domain. We work mainly on substantial and complex cases. Our unique, efficient, and adept handling of divorce and annulment cases related to NRI over more than a decade has made us a natural choice for representing NRI divorce cases in India.

We ensure our Clients make an informed decision rather than proceeding in haste. Hence, contact us now. We maintain 100% confidentiality, the entire Mutual divorce process is kept completely confidential. Hence, the litigation is made as smooth as possible.

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Yes, it is essential to hire a lawyer for mutual divorce. Also, there are many ups and downs in the case.

Mutual divorce requires two appearances before the court. Firstly, you will have to record your statement that you agree to the mutual divorce. Then, the court will pass an order providing six months to fix your issues. In case you are not able to resolve your issues within this time. Then, you will appear in court after six months, and the court will grant you a divorce. Also, in some cases, it may take 1-2 months, depending on the situation. So, it’s always better to seek a lawyer’s advice .

There are certain conditions where the wife may or may not claim maintenance after mutual divorce.

After signing an MOU in mutual consent divorce, you can pay through a demand draft (DD) or post-dated cheque. And, you must mention the payment mode details in the MOU. You can hand it over on the final day when the court passes its decision.

As per section 13B, both partners must live separately for at least a year. Besides, ‘living separately’ does not essentially mean living in different places. You may be living under a roof but not as spouses. Hence, you can file for mutual consent divorce when you qualify based on these valid grounds.

Legal Light Consulting an guide you all through the process. So, Right from filing the petition to first-second motions and divorce decree, they take care of all of it.

  There are two motions in mutual divorce. Under the first motion, you will have to file the petition in court. Here, both the parties, i.e., husband and wife, give mutual consent for dissolving the marriage. And, under the second motion, both husband and wife confirm their intent to divorce after the cooling-off period. For the second motion, you will appear in court after six months. After this period and hearing with both parties, the court announces the final mutual divorce decree.  

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