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Adoption Deed

This Adoption Deed is executed by me, _________Khatoon aged   years son of Sh. ________Singh R/o House No.__________, Haibowal Kalan, Ludhiana on this 06 January _________.

Whereas I for my spiritual benefit, for the benefit of my ancestors and for perpetuation of my all immovable and movable properties and name, _______Singh aged 48 years son of Sh. _______Singh R/o House __________, Ludhiana after giving the matter full an due consideration and while in possession of my senses, sound mind and full faculties and before a gathering of relations and friends, do perform all the customary and religious ceremonies and have given by _________Kumar aged ________years S/o Sh. Bansidhar Dubey resident of ___________, __________, Haibowal Kalan, Ludhiana, whom I accepted and adopted as a son like mine son.

    The aforesaid _________Kumar aged __________years S/o Sh. ___________Dubey resident of _____________, Ludhiana determines all his rights and liabilities in the in the family of natural parents. From the aforesaid date the said __________Kumar aged _______years S/o Sh. ____________Dubey resident of ___________, Durgapuri, Haibowal Kalan, Ludhiana, shall have all the legal rights as my son in my family. I hereby bind myself to following terms and condition:-

  1. I, the adopter have no blood relation with the adoptee and now the said _________Kumar has become and adoptee son of adopter ________Singh and there is difference between.

  1. I, the adopter and the adoptee are of the same religion i.e. both are Hindus.

  1. Neither of the parties have ever been involved in any Adoption Deed

In witness whereof I, _________Singh have hereto set my hand at Ludhiana on 6-01-________in presence of following marginal witnesses:

Witness:                       Signature

1._____________________Pandey         Adoptive father:



Kalan, Ludhiana

2.___________                   Natural Father:

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