criminal Lawyers in delhi

Criminal Law: Criminal Laws in India are considered to be highly technical and extremely complex, and hence require a unique set of excellent skills in order to understand and interpret them.

Patrons Legal possesses one of the most experienced and efficient teams of skilled and qualified criminal advocates in Delhi.

This team has enabled us to win several criminal cases in Sessions/District Court, and at the Appellate stage before the High Court and the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India with the help of the finest criminal lawyer in Delhi

Whether you are accused of a crime against a person (like assault or murder), a crime against property or any other criminal offence, our legal light consulting a criminal lawyer can help.

Consult a top-rated criminal lawyer in Delhi to defend your rights at each stage of your case – from filing an anticipatory bail to a regular bail to an appeal after conviction or to quash an FIR.

We provide the following services :

  • Legal assistance in filing police complaints / Registration of FIR / Criminal complaints under the provisions of the law of crime/IPC.s
  • Filing of Criminal complaint before Police station u/s 154 of Cr. P.C or magistrate under section 190, 200, 156(3) Of code of Criminal procedure 1973;
  • Filing and arguing of Anticipatory Bail applications U/s 438 of Cr. P.C before the Court of Session and High Courts;
  • Filing of Regular Bail Application u/s 437 of Cr. P.C before Criminal Courts including JM/MM/ASJ etc.
  • Filing of Regular Bail Application u/s 439 of Cr. P.C before Sessions Courts & High courts.
  • Filing of Revision Petition under Sec. 397 of Cr.P.C. against the acquittal/conviction.
  • Filing a petition U/s 482 of Cr. P.C for quashing of F.I.R or staying the criminal procedure before High Courts;
  • Representing clients in the Criminal Trial before the magistrate or Court of Session, as defence counsel;
  • Filing / defending Complaint under section 138 of the N. I. Act before a magistrate.
  • Filing / defending Criminal complaints under various provisions and sections of the Indian Penal Code, Companies Act, Factories Act, Food Adulteration Act, passport Act, NDPS Act, Arms Act etc.

In matrimonial Disputes:

  • We also assist women/victims in registering Complaints with Crime against Women Cell u/s 498A, 406 IPC r/w 3 & 4 of the Dowry Prohibition Act.
  • We also assist women/victims in filing Criminal complaints before Magistrate under the provisions of Protection of women under the Domestic Violence Act
  • We also assist women/victims in filing applications u/s 125 Cr. P.C for seeking maintenance from her husband.
  • On the other side, if the husband is a victim, we provide him legal protection from arrest and undue coercion from police. We also assist the husband and his other family members in getting Anticipatory bail or regular Bail. Besides the same, we proved very effective representation as defence counsel throughout the trial.

We had handled various types of the Criminal cases to Date like:-

  • Criminal Breach of Trust and criminal intrigue;
  • Disrespect of Cheque under N.I.Act.
  • Falsification and disobedience;
  • Different financial offences are culpable under SEBI, FEMA, Passport Act, Immigration Act and so forth.;
  • Offence identified with marriage viz. (an) Offense unusable under Dowry Act (b) Domestic viciousness Act (c) 498A, 406 IPC etc.
  • Offence identified with Drugs culpable under NDPS Act;
  • Sexual offences;
  • Offences against the state;
  • Offence against the general population’s serenity and open equity;
  • Offence identified with weights and measure, general well-being, security, respectability and ethics;
  • Offence identified with property, viz. burglary, theft, coercion, swindling, breach of trust, misappropriation of properties and so forth.
  • Furthermore, different offences culpable under the code of Indian Penal;
  • Offences affecting the human body (viz. murder, Attempt to Murder, Abatement, Attempt to suicide, dowry death, causing death by negligence, hurt, grievous hurt, wrongful restraint, Criminal Force, Abduction, Kidnapping, trafficking, rape, unnatural sex etc;
  • Offence related to property, viz. theft, robbery, extortion, cheating, breach of trust, misappropriation of properties etc.
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