Labour Law Lawyers Delhi

Labour Cases Lawyer in Delhi:  Legal Light Consulting offers comprehensive services on all aspects relating to labour and employment Laws in India.

Our firm has been conducting matters with various authorities viz. Labour Tribunals. P.F. Appellate Tribunal, etc. for various Public and Private Sector Undertakings.

Our Firm is also advising various companies on matters pertaining to contract labour, PF and EPS compliance, etc. Besides the above, our firm also serves its clients in the following manner:-

  • Management of Legal functions Pays Roll, PF & ESI Compliance.
  • Compliance with Statutory & other Corporate matters.
  • Coordination & supervision of Legal, Personnel,
  • Industrial Relations, Administration, Liaison
  • Human Relations matters;
  • Trade Unions and Employment related litigation
  • Disciplinary proceedings
  • Employees’ Rights and related benefits
  • Constitutional Rights
  • Employment and service contracts
  • Labour disputes and Industrial actions
  • Health and safety legislation
  • Collective bargaining
  • Voluntary retirement scheme
  • Law on dismissals
  • Provident fund and social security
  • Reorganization and retrenchment
  • Strikes & lockouts

Labor Law is normally but erroneously understood as the law that governs a particular kind of relationship, namely the relationship of (subordinate) employment.

We normally include devices for permitting collective actors to negotiate and agree; special institutions to encourage informal and formal bargaining and resolve disputes; and legally-set minimum terms.

While these practices were first developed for intervening in employment markets, their value is not limited to such markets and they may be usefully employed in others.

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