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This Deed is reduced into writing on this 24th day of April ______by and between ________Singh S/o. Sh.  _________Singh Aged 30 years and Smt. _________Singh W/o. Sh. ________Singh, both R/o. ____________, Delhi  hereinafter called the First Party/Adoptive Parents


Sh.  __________Prasad S/o. Late Sh. _________Prasad and Smt ________Devi W/o. Sh _____________Prasad Both R/o. ____________, Rajiv Nagar,  Libaspur, New Delhi-110042, hereinafter called the Second Party/Adopted Parents.

Whereas the second party was married  with each other in the year 1975, however no issue was born out of the said wedlock.

And whereas out of the wedlock of the first party, 6 children were born out including a male child namely ______who was born on 20.4.2020 at about 11.00 AM at Delhi  from the wedlock of the first party.

And whereas the second party approached the first party to give their new born child _______in adoption to the second party as they  are not having any child and upon the request of the second party, the first party for the sake of well up bringing of the child, thought it fit to give his new born son aged about only  5 days in adoption keeping in mind the future, well upbringing of the minor child and first party given his consent to give in adoption his minor child in adoption to second party with the following terms:

  1. The second party shall treat minor child as their natural born child and will shower all love and affection on him.
  2. That second party shall arrange the marriage of minor son according to their status.
  3. That second party shall also provide proper education to their son.


NOW THIS DEED WITNESSES that the said natural parents did before a family gathering a friends give a minor child to the said adoptive parents on the date of today i.e. 24th Day of April 2020, place at New Delhi and the year first above written and that it is hereby declared that the said adoptive child was on adoption renamed by the adoptive parents as same and that hereby the said adoption determines and severs all their right and liabilities obligations in any prosperity which may have already vested in him and acquires in the family of his adoptive parents all rights and his subject to all the liabilities of a natural son of the said family adoptive.


IN WITNESSES whereof the said between _________Singh S/o. Sh.  _________Singh Aged 30 years and Smt. ________Singh W/o. Sh. _________Singh, both R/o. ___________, Delhi and Sh.  __________Prasad S/o. Late Sh. _________ and Smt _________ W/o. Sh __________ Both R/o. ____________,  Libaspur, New Delhi-110042 have here into signed before the gathering present, to of whom have at the request of the parties and their presence signed as witnesses the day and the year first above mentioned.





                                                                                    ADOPTED FATHER

                                                                                    ADOPTED MOTHER

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