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THIS         DEED IS MADE on 16th day of November ______BETWEEN Shri __________Arora S/o. Sh _________Singh Arora R/o. ______________, Model Town-III, Delhi-110009 (hereinafter called the adopted father/first party) of the one part


Smt. _________Kaur @ _______D/o. Sh. __________Singh R/o. _____________, Kikar Wala Chowk, Chander Vihar, New Delhi  (hereinafter called the natural mother/second party) of the other part.

Whereas the second party is a divorcee from her previous husband namely Sh _________Singh Saggu vide order dated __________passed by Sh _____________Dutt, ADJ, Rohini Courts, Delhi.  The Ld. Court has granted the custody of Master _____________Singh in favour of second party/mother and her previous husband shall not have any visiting rights and shall never claim for the custody.

And whereas from the previous wedlock of second party, a male child namely Master _______Singh aged about _____Years was born and he is under the care and custody of his mother i.e. second party.

And whereas the first party is bachelors. The first party and second party intends to marry with each other and the first party agreed to adopt the said child born out of the previous wedlock of second party, on the following terms and conditions :

  1. That the first party has agreed to treat the said minor child as his own son and will shower all love and affection on him
  2. That the first party being having a good source of income can take care of the minor child in his upbringing and in this way he can maintain him in a much better way, for his growth and progress.
  3. That both the parties have agreed upon this adoption with their free consent and will and that the ceremony of giving and taking in adoption has been duly performed in respect of the minor child in the presence of relatives and friends of the parties besides the attesting witnesses
  4. That from now onwards after the execution of this adoption deed the above named child i.e. Master ______Singh shall have all the legal rights and the entitlement to all the moveable and immovable properties of the first party.
  5. That the first party will look after the said child in regard to his wealth, education and bringing up to the major stage.
  6. That in case of demise of the first party, the properties both self acquired and ancestral of the first party shall goes in favour of the child.
  7. That first party shall arrange the marriage of minor son according to their status

NOW THIS DEED WITNESSES that the said natural mother did before a family gathering a friends at 16th day of November ____give a son ___________Singh to the said adoptive father on the date of today place at New Delhi and the year first above written and that it is hereby declared that the said adoptive son was on adoption renamed by the adoptive father as same and that he by the said adoption determines and severs all her right and liabilities obligations in any prosperity which may have already vested in him and acquires in the family of his adoptive mother/parents all rights and his subject to all the liabilities of a natural son of the said family adoptive.

IT IS FURTHER DECLARE THAT Shri __________Arora , the adoptive father was duly consulted before the above adoption was made and that she consulted to the same and in taken of such consent has also affix her signature hereto.

IN WITNESSES whereof the said Smt. _________Kaur @ __________D/o. Sh. ___________Singh R/o. ______________,____________, Chander Vihar, New Delhi  has here into signed before the gathering present, to of whom have at the request of the parties and her presence signed as witnesses the day and the year first above mentioned.




                                                                   NATURAL MOTHER

                                      (____________ @ _________________)

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