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This Deed is reduced into writing on this 24th day of July _____by and between Sh ________Singh S/o. Sh. _________Singh and his wife Smt. _________Kaur W/o. Sh ___________Singh, both R/o. Village- _____________, Distt Ludhiana (Punjab)  hereinafter called the First Party/Adoptive Parents


Sh. _______Bhatia S/o. Late Sh _________Singh __________and his wife Smt _________Bhatia W/o. Sh __________Bhatia, both R/o. ____________ Shahdara, Delhi, hereinafter called the Second Party/Adopted Parents.

Whereas , first party finds themselves unable to look after their new born male child namely ……………….. and therefore for the sake of well being and better upbringing of said child, first party thought it fit to give his new born child in adoption out of their free will and consent without any pressure, coercion, threat or undue influence.

Whereas the second party is not having any issue /child from their wedlock since long back and as per the medical report , Smt __________Bhatia is not able to conceive pregnancy in future , and they wanted one child as such they approached to first party to take minor child of the first party in adoption and first party given their consent to give in adoption their minor child in adoption to second party with the following terms:

  1. The second party shall treat minor male child as their natural born child and will shower all love and affection on him.
  2. That second party shall also provide proper education to their child.
  3. That the first party shall not claim the custody of the said child in future and also will not file any custodial case or criminal case against the second party in future in any competent court of law anywhere in India or abroad.
  4. That the first party has no rights being the natural parents to ask for visiting rights from the second party in future at any point of time as the custody has already been given to the second party soon after the birth of the said child.
  5. That the second party shall not ask for any monetary relief from the first party for the upbringing of the said child in future and also will not claim in any court of law.
  6. That the second party will look after the said child in regard to his wealth, education and bringing up to the major stage.
  7. That in case of demise of the second party, the properties both self acquired and ancestral of the second party shall goes in favour of the child.
  8. That the first party shall not claim any rights , title or interest in the properties both self acquired or ancestral of the second party in future for themselves or on behalf of the said child.


    IN WITNESSES whereof both the party have put their hands and signed this agreement at New Delhi, in presence of the following witnesses:-




                                                                                    ADOPTED FATHER


                                                                                    ADOPTED MOTHER

                                                                                    ADOPTIVE MOTHER

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