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This deed of Adoption is made on this 8th day of March, ______, between Mrs. _________Sharma W/o. Shri __________Sharma R/o._____________ Chhattarpur, New Delhi-110068, on the First Part/Natural Mother.


Shri ___________Sharma S/o. Shri ___________Ram R/o. ____________, New Delhi, presently residing at _____________, Chhattarpur, New Delhi-110068, of the Second Part.

WHEREAS, the first and second party are divorcee and got married on __________ as per Hindu Rites and Rituals at Arya Samaj , Malviya Nagar, New Delhi-110017.

AND WHEREAS the first party gave birth to baby “_________” on 14.11.2002 from previous (divorced) wedlock and the girl is in the control, custody and care of the first party accordingly the minor is about 8 years old. The first party got divorce by the decree of court passed in HMA No.___________ passed by the Hon’ble Court of Ms. ______________,  Addl. District Judge,  Tis Hazari Courts, Delhi on __________.

AND WHEREAS consequent upon marriage of the first party with second party the minor __________Sharma is in the physical care, custody and control of the second party as Adoptive Father.

AND WHEREAS the second party got divorce by the decree of court passed in HMA No. ___________, passed by Hon’ble Court of Shri ____________, Addl. Distt Judge, Karkardooma Courts, Delhi on _____________.

AND WHEREAS ever since the said adoption they said Baby ________has been to all intents and purposes treated as a member of the family of the second party.

NOW THEREFORE, these present witness and it is hereby agreed and declared as follows: –

THE FIRST PARTY has given in adoption her daughter named Baby __________Sharma to the second party and the second party has duly taken her in adoption and made them their daughter, that is to say, daughter of the second party.

AND THESE presents further witness and it is hereby agreed and declared by and between the parties hereto that the said daughter namely _______Sharma has according to Sastras and Law become by virtue of this adoption deed daughter of Shri ___________Sharma S/o. Shri _________________and Mrs. ___________Sharma (Natural Mother) W/o. Shri __________Sharma both presently R/o. ______________, Chhattarpur, New Delhi-110068 (Second Party) capable of performing the religious duties to their adoptive father with all rights and obligations of a natural born daughter , is so entitled for a natural born daughter , is so entitled to inheritance and succession of all personal and real estate of the second party to all intents and purposes.

AND THIS INDENTURE ALSO witnesses that ever since the above adoption has been effective the said ________Sharma has renounced and abandoned the use of her natural born father __________Bhardwaj S/o. Sh. ____________.

AND THAT of the second party shall at all times hereafter in all record, deeds and documents and other writings use and subscribe the name of the second party and shall accordingly be known, described and addressed as the daughter of the second party i.e. Shri __________  S/o. Shri _________ , presently resident of ___________________________, New Delhi-110068.

IN WITNESSES whereof , the parties hereto have hereunto act and subscribed their  respective hands on day, month and year first above written.

WITNESSES:                                                                      FIRST PARTY








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