Safeguarding Your Adoption: Adoption Deeds with Legal Light Consulting by expert lawyer


     This Adoption Deed has been made and executed at New Delhi on this 26th day of April, ___________,  Between:- _____________W/o Sh. __________R/o ____________ Pushpa Bhawan, New Delhi, (hereinafter called the first party).


__________Kumar S/o Sh. __________Chand R/o ____________, Pushpa Bhawan, New Delhi  (hereinafter called the “RECIPIENT”, the second party.

Whereas first party and second party having close and good relation between them.

And whereas the first party is having five child namely, ______, _______, _________, _____& ______.

    And whereas the second party is the married person and having no children and now they want one son namely _______aged about 2 years.

    And whereas the second party adopt one son from first party and his date of birth is 23.05.2016.

    All necessary ceremonies including and physically delivery of the daughter hand to hand have been observed and performed by either party on the executing of this adoption deed.

And whereas the second party adopt the above son from the First party and the said adoptive son have all rights upon the movable, immovable etc.etc. property on behalf of the second party, and the second party is also undertake he shall take care about the adoptive son like accommodation, education, fooding, etc.etc. and the adoptive baby shall have full right upon the any thing else of the second party.

    IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have hereunto set and subscribed their respective hands and seals the day, month and year first above written.

WITNESSES                   FIRST PARTY



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