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Adoption Deed

This ADOPTION DEED is executed on this __ February 2017 by me, _____Jain aged about 48 years son of Sh. __________Prasad resident of House No._________ Village, __________________, Vasant Vihar, South West Delhi, Delhi-110029 (hereinafter called as Adopter/Adoptive Father).

Whereas I (Adopter) for my spiritual benefit, for the benefit of my ancestors and for perpetuation of my all immovable and movable properties, after giving the matter full and due consideration and while in possession of my senses, sound mind and full faculties and before a gathering of relations and friends, performed all the customary and religious ceremonies have adopted ___________ Yadav (minor aged about 15 years) D/o __________ Yadav wife of Late ____ address: H.No._______________________________________________, North East Delhi (adopted minor), and I have accepted and adopted said _____________Yadav as my real daughter and__________ Yadav resident of __________________________, North East Delhi, Delhi-110034 (being mother and natural guardian) has given _________Yadav (minor aged about 15 years) in adoption to the adopter. More specifically illustrated as under:


_________ Jain aged about 48 years son      of Sh. _____________Prasad resident of House No.__________________________, South West Delhi,           Delhi-110029.


__________Yadav (widow) aged about 33 years resident of H.No.______________________________, North East Delhi, Delhi-110034


__________Yadav (minor aged about 15 years) D/o ______________address: H.No.____________________________, North East Delhi.

The aforesaid minor-___________Yadav shall succeed to the adopter and she will have all the legal rights as daughter in the family and successorship of Adopter. Both the adopter and the person/mother giving the adoption, fulfill the following requisites, capabilities, conditions inter alia:


  1. That the Adopter has capacity and right to take in adoption the minor. He has employed and having movable and immovable properties.
  2. That all the adopter and mother-person giving the minor in adoption, and the minor, are Hindu by birth.
  3. That mother-person giving the minor in adoption, put the hands of the minor – ___________Yadav in the hands of Adopter in          presence of their relatives and friends including marginal witnesses in a ceremony and her actual physical possession and custody was given to adopter.
  4. That the adopter admitted and accepted the successorship of minor ___________Yadav to his all immovable and movable properties.


  1. That adoption giving person is mother and natural guardian of the minor.
  2. That the minor has not been already given in adoption to anybody and she is unmarried.


  1. That adopter/adoptive father is unmarried and he has no issue/son/daughter.
  2. That the age of minor is about 02 years and the age of adoptive father is about ___ years.
  3. That the adopter has no blood relation with the minor or her mother. Both are of the same religion.
  4. Neither of the parties has ever been involved in any Adoption Deed except this adoption deed.
  5. That mother of the minor with her consent and without any ulterior coercion and pressure.
  6. That mother/guardian of the minor is widow lady.
  7. That if in future the adopters bear any issue, the same shall be in the like right and entitle in all the movable and immovable property of the adopters in equal shares.

IN WITNESS whereof the adopter has and the mother-natural guardian-the person giving adoption set their hands on this Adoption deed on the date mentioned in presence of following marginal witnesses:


Signature of Adopter/

adoptive Father

 (____________________)                                                                     Affix Photo

Signature of mother/


______________________________                                                                Affix Photo


1.______________________                                       photo of actual give

  ______________________                                        and take







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