Ensuring Legality and Security: Adoption Deeds Explained by Legal Light Consulting


This Deed is reduced into writing on this 24th day of July ____by and between ______ Mishra S/o. Sh. ___________Mishra R/o. _________________, Noida, U.P and his wife Smt. Sheela Devi (since dead)  hereinafter called the First Party/Adoptive Parents


Sh. ______________ Jha S/o. Late ___________ Jha and Smt ____________ W/o. Sh ____________ Jha, Both R/o. _______________________, New Delhi-110044, hereinafter called the Second Party/Adopted Parents.

Whereas , first party finds himself unable to look after his minor female child as his wife namely Smt ________Devi , real mother of female child namely _____________ died on 10.5.1993 when _______________ was only about 6 months old and her date of birth is 1.10.1992.

And whereas for the sake of well being of his minor female child namely ________@ _______, first party thought it fit to give his minor daughter aged about only 6 months at that time i.e. in 1993 in adoption.

Whereas the second party was having only two sons and they wanted one female child as such they approached to first party to take minor female child aged about only 6 months at that time namely __________@ _________of the first party in adoption and first party given his consent to give in adoption his minor child namely _________@ __________in adoption to second party with the following terms:

  1. The second party shall treat minor child ______@ ________as their natural born child and will shower all love and affection on her.
  2. That second party shall arrange the marriage of _________@ __________according to their status.
  3. That second party shall also provide proper education to their daughter Pooja.

    IN WITNESSES whereof both the party have put their hands and signed this agreement at New Delhi, in presence of the following witnesses:-




                                                                                    ADOPTED FATHER

                                                                                    (__________________ JHA)

                                                                                    ADOPTED MOTHER

                                                                                    (_______________ DEVI)


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