Muslim Adoption Deeds Unveiled: Insights and Assistance from Legal Light Consulting


THIS DEED IS MADE on 9th day of May, _____BETWEEN _______Ahmad S/o. Sh. _________Latif R/o.__________, Madangir, New Delhi (hereinafter called the adopted father) of the one part and Smt. _________W/o. Sh. _________R/o. __________, Mehrauli, New Delhi (hereinafter called the natural mother) of the other part.

WHEREAS the adopted father was married 19 years ago (hereinafter called the WIFE) and thereafter no issue was born out from their wedlock.

WHEREAS I and my wife with family members are residing in India at Delhi for last so many years and we both are Muslim and Indian and knowing a very well to the Indian culture and society and governed by the Muslim Personnel Law (Hanfi School).

AND WHEREAS the said wife has not born any child thereafter although so many years have passed.

WHEREAS the adoptive father and his said wife have despaired and do fully believe that they will have no further children.

WHEERAS the adoptive father is desire of adopting a son and with this object in view approach the natural mother, who has agreed to give her daughter named ________aged about 1 years in adoption to the said adoptive father.

NOW THIS DEED WITNESSES that the said natural father did before a family gathering a friends at 9th day of May, ________give a daughter named _______aged about 1 year to the said adoptive father on the date of today i.e. 9th Day of May, _______, place at New Delhi and the year first above written and that it is hereby declared that the said adoptive daughter was on adoption renamed by the adoptive father as same and that he by the said adoption determines and severs all her right and liabilities obligations in any prosperity which may have already vested in her and acquires in the family of her adoptive parents all rights and her subject to all the liabilities of a natural daughter of the said family adoptive.

IT IS FURTHER DECLARE THAT Smt. _______(Wife) of the adoptive father was duly consulted before the above adoption was made and that she consulted to the same and in taken of such consent has also affix her signature hereto.

IN WITNESSES whereof the said _______Ahmad S/o. Sh. __________Latif R/o.___________, Madangir, New Delhi and the said Smt. _________have here into signed before the gathering present, to of whom have at the request of the parties and their presence signed as witnesses the day and the year first above mentioned.



                                                                                                NATURAL MOTHER

                                                                                                NATURAL MOTHER

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